3 Plants To Breathe Life Into Your Bathroom
November 29, 2017

Let’s face it, bathrooms can feel like a rather sterile environment in terms of décor and hey this might be what you’re going for but in a room in which you mainly visit to use for a routine purpose a bland environment can feel less than homely and you may want to take the plunge and incorporate a lovely little plant. The issue is where do you start and what plant won’t just die straight away in what can be a damp environment. Do not fear On the Ball Bathrooms are here to save your homely feel.

Bathrooms offer a humid environment that is ideal for certain types of plants but fatal to others. Deciding on which is the most viable investment can be tricky as bathrooms vary from home to home. The bathrooms we do In Perth, Western Australia are in a climate that has mild winters and hot dry summers so it’s important to take that into mind.


Talking about minds one of the benefits of investing in bathroom foliage is it can help decrease your stress levels to also improving the quality of air in your bathroom. This is on top of just looking pretty and smelling nice. Plus given the amount of time most of us spend in the bathroom and the proximity to the water supply, you’re unlikely to forget to water them!

Here are the 3 we recommend:

Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera is an incredible plant with many magical properties, with the ability to clean air as well as healing properties within its gel. A wonderfully easy plant to grow, Aloe Vera thrives in humid conditions and are suitable in rooms with low light, so it doesn’t matter if your bathroom lacks a window.



Ferns love humid conditions and are perfect in bright bathrooms under indirect sunlight through a window. Avoid letting your Fern sit in intense sunlight or in a bathroom which has no light as it will not grow properly and remember to give it a shower when its soil is dry to the touch.



Potted Bamboo should be placed on the bathroom floor and will grow towards the light. Bamboo doesn’t need too much light to grow but does need lots of water, which makes it the perfect plant for a bathroom.
This list is by absolutely no means exhaustive but should give you a better idea of what kind of plants will take kindly to a bathroom environment. During the process of a bathroom renovation, we are often asked about features and neutrality. We discuss towels and pictures in adding to the finish of the bathroom but plants can play a crucial role in the overall feel of a room that says a tile might not.

P.S I am a horrible Gardner but even I can manage some bathroom plants

Happy renovating and upgrading

It’s important to note that all our advice is general in nature and all bathrooms are unique so always speak to your local qualified tradesman for the best advice. At on the ball bathrooms we love feedback so let us know what you think with a comment below or if you are looking for a bathroom renovation quote and live in Perth, Western Australia contact us on 0419964678 or email us at info@ontheballbathrooms.com.au

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