3 Types Of Bathroom Windows
May 24, 2018

We at On the Ball Bathrooms believe bathroom windows need to serve three important functions

  1. Reducing the amount of moisture involved in a bathroom area.
  2. Allowing for natural light.
  3. The final but most important; Stopping the world from seeing me naked.

So the third important function might not be so important for you but the other two are really the key points to selecting the right bathroom window for you. So often for our renovations, we will be touching your current window due to the material it is made of such as wood or you are looking at making a smaller set up for the purpose of a shower niche or a more practical space, whatever the reason maybe we have you covered below with an in-depth cover of bathroom windows in Perth.

Sliding Window

Aluminum sliding windows are also useful in areas with limited space that cannot accommodate a window sash protruding inside or out – such as your bathroom. The most common time we use a sliding window is when a space is wider than then it is tall.

Bathroom Windows Perth

Often the questions asked about windows in the shower area are around the topic of how they interact with the water. On that front, all the windows we get built are of the highest quality and are designed to survive against harsh weather so the shower water won’t be an issue.

The biggest con about the window in comparison to the awning window is it’s hard to protect it from rain coming in when it is open beyond that style-wise it probably is not as clean looking as an awning.

*Tip – On of the most common features we have been doing is making a large window smaller and during the brick up creating a shower box like this Lesmurdie bathroom renovation below.

Awning Windows

The basic description of an awning window is hinged at or near the top of the frame and swings out from the bottom to open. The design of awning windows makes it ideal for ventilation in wet weather with the sash acting as a canopy to keep the rain out. You can also control the amount of air coming in by adjusting the angle of the window. This though can be a negative as they have less ventilation due to how much the window can open. One other negative of the window is the limited fly screen security options and being unsuitable for tight external spaces. It would be the most popular window we do for all our bathroom renovations in Perth.


Bathroom Windows Perth

Glass Block Window

Glass block windows are the most polarising bathroom window we install in Perth. People either love it or hate there never seems to be an in-between. The pros of the window are the wow factor, the high amount of designs and colors, incredibly water-resistant and allow for a maximum amount of light but still giving privacy. The cons are the lack of to no ventilation, they can be a little see-through depending on the design, and lastly can feel outdated to certain people.

As mentioned the ventilation is the biggest issue with glass block windows you can however at an extra cost purchase a ventilation block which allows permanent airflow, however, I personally feel it ruins the look of the window feature. We have an example of a row of ventilation glass blocks below.

Bathroom Windows Perth

The majority of Perth bathroom windows we install are either awning or sliding. This is due to the non-offensive nature of the screen as opposed to the glass block window which is a feature. You have to ask yourself do I want to make my window a feature or have it blend because that will answer the question of what type of window you are after. One thing I will say is if the current frame of your window is a colour that does not match the tiles you are picking try your best to change the window if you can. Below is a bathroom renovation we completed that used a nice modern Carrara but the beige window trim dominates at eye level so it is important to take window work into consideration when renovating.


Sometimes changing a window is not in your budget but you can’t stand the glass that’s currently occupying the space. By changing just the glass this might open the whole vibe of the bathroom like this Canning Vale bathroom tomorrow which has switched the glass to a white frost which makes it look so modern.

Bathroom Windows Perth

Extra Note

The winner of the interesting window we have ever had in one of our renovations is this beautiful renovation in Leeming which uses the owner’s own photograph installed into the new window as the stunning feature of her space.

Bathroom Windows Perth

Bathroom Windows Perth

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It’s important to note that all our advice is general in nature and all bathrooms are unique so always speak to your local qualified tradesman for the best advice. At on the ball bathrooms we love feedback so let us know what you think with a comment below or if you are looking for a bathroom renovation quote and live in Perth, Western Australia contact us on 0419964678 or email us at info@ontheballbathrooms.com.au.

This article was written by James Mc, one of the founders of On the Ball Bathrooms with over 15 years of bathroom renovation experience combined with knowledge of over a 2000+ completed renovation projects. We hope that we have helped you in any way with some helpful renovations tips or just at least some pretty renovation pictures to look at 🙂