Bathroom Floor Tiles (Which Size Is For Me)
May 12, 2018

The right size tile for your bathroom renovation is whatever you want it to be. That sounds like a cop-out but its the truth. Below I will present you with the pros and cons of various sides but it’s important to note if you love it and understand the positives and negatives of the tile size you choose than have what you want. That being said let me get into the breakdown of bathroom floor tiling we have done in Perth WA.


Let’s play out this scenario my shower is 900mm wide and the drain is dead in the centre at 450mm if my tile is said 600mm x 600mm my one tile will go from the wall to cover the drain in just one tile so how do you create a large fall if this one tile takes up the entire space. So working on that scenario its all about common sense from there. Now there are ways around this and tricks you can do to create fall but like everything, there are consequences and cost factors that increase when doing something of that nature. Below we will break down the common floor sizes and the pros + cons of each size.

200mm x 200mm or Smaller (En-caustic or Patterned)



  • Great for decorative features such a federation style
  • For amazing drainage
  • Floors that have a really uneven surface are better suited for smaller tiles
  • Encaustic tiles in Perth are all the rage and have a high degree of availability



  • Has a very high increased amount of grout lines
  • Often do not come in rectified tiles
  • The more the lines something has the more a feature it will become often drawing your eyes to a floor


In 2018 smaller tiles have come into fashion as the best pattern can be created with en-caustic bathroom tiles as there is a move back to traditional styles. Where the range had become small in the 2000s the boom of styles and choices have given people who like the size so many more options.

300 x 300 (Perth Bathrooms)



  • Come in cushion edge and a massive range of rectified tiles for both flat and up and down floors
  • Big enough to have smaller grout but small enough to allow for a great fall
  • Drainage is possible for central drains in showers and wet rooms
  • Often comes in a larger 300mm x 600mm that gives you a matching wall tile



  • Depending on the tile, it will not allow a full feature to be seen if a pattern is present
  • Has twice as much grout lines as its counterpart 300 x 600

The 300mm x 300mm is the number one recommend tile by us for bathroom floor tiling if you are having a conventional bathroom drainage. They allow for adequate fall especially for open showers that do not have long strip drains. The also come in a rectified design so grout will look seamless making them practical and looking great as the many examples below from Perth bathroom tiling we have completed.

300mm x 600mm (Feature Tile)



  • Almost no grout is present with 300 x 600 and larger tiles
  • Have amazing patterns that can be seen in full
  • Can be used on floor and wall to create a unbroken feature
  • Come mostly in rectified tiles for seamless grout



  • Can have very poor drainage even with a strip drain
  • Almost impossible to get adequate fall without having a lip at door edge
  • Requires extensive layout prep work for great fall
  • Can cost not only more to lay but to also purchase


300mm x 600mm tiles are great for making the most of a feature wall. You can run that tile from the floor to the ceiling creating a feeling of height to a room if run vertical or horizontal adding a length visually. This size is the maximum we recommend to get adequate bathroom drainage.


600mm x 600mm or Larger

When you enter this size tile range you are starting to ask for miracles from your tiler. The way you should look at it is how can I angle the tile towards my drain effectively. If one tile goes from the wall to over the top of the drain your fall would be a lot less unless you either undertake the installation of strip drain or add multiple cuts in the tile. You can get a carried away trying to reduce the grout by making the tiles giant but you don’t want to put your tiler in a position where he is trying to make miracles happen. If grout is the big issue go for rectified tiles and if that seamless look like a slab is what you are going for than focus more on the grout match as the closer you get that the more seamless it will look.


Large-format tiles can be great to look at but always keep the cost in mind. Not only the physical cost of the labour/purchase but the stress cost of maybe having a constant feeling of the water not quite draining enough or putting your tiler through the wringer. You can be the greatest tilers in the world (and we feel we are) but without the right drains and the right rooms size nothing can be archive 100% if you haven’t got the space to achieve the fall you need. It all comes down to look over substance.


Pro Tip: Always pay the extra and get a strip drain grate like below for the larger tiles as it will give you the exact fall you need.


P.SS I have not included mosaics as floor tiles as I would highly recommend you stay away from them especially stone mosaics. They not only need continue sealing, grout that gets dirty quicker than any other tile but they also do not drain very well, The constant dampness will drive you up the wall

Big tiles can make space appear larger as there are fewer grout joints and the large tile gives the illusion of space. Often we go for what we have always been customized to such as the traditional 200mm x 200mm tile as we often feel small rooms need small tiles but why? from years of doing this, I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that small tiles make your small room feel smaller unless seamless looking. All you see is the hundreds of grout lines everywhere.

Well, hopefully, we helped a little. It all comes down to common sense. The larger the tile the less grout but too large and you have to give up something else. To quote Goldilocks sort of, “300mm x 300mm is just right”

It’s important to note that all our advice is general in nature and all bathrooms are unique so always speak to your local qualified tradesman for the best advice. At on the ball bathrooms we love feedback so let us know what you think with a comment below or if you are looking for a bathroom renovation quote and live in Perth, Western Australia contact us on 0419964678 or email us at

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