Bathroom Renovation Perth – Profile
July 2, 2018

This profile piece today is about a renovation we completed in Inglewood WA. A lot of planning, sweat, hard work and effort went into the creation of the rooms from us and the client so we are immensely proud of the finished result. This profile is a break down of the interesting aspects of the rooms with details on the products and designs themselves. Firstly we will start with the before and after.


We start with the back bathroom of the house which was a laundry/toilet. This space is split into two rooms the first room is the laundry section. For this new bathroom laundry toilet, the wall will need to be removed and the creation of space will be required. The entry door is moved over a metre, the wall and ceiling are removed, a walk-in shower is now in the location of the old toilet space, the laundry is kept in its original spot but two new windows installed for light. The vanity is placed on the kitchen wall which is directly seen below in front and the toilet is moved to the old location of the entry door you see below.





The original wall that was opposite the toilet is now becoming the shower head wall with a shower combo and recess under the head. That wall is removed with the fixed panel and double vanity now located in its space.


Main Bathroom

In the main bathroom, the decision was made that a toilet was preferred to a bath which is the preference I recommend in bathroom renovations throughout Perth. Try to avoid frosted screens or high brickwork near an entrance to a bathroom as it feels small and narrow due to the wall in your eye line. By just removing that and adding some more light to the room this bathroom feels huge combined with the new floor to ceiling window as light is the key to bathrooms.






These bathrooms have so many highlights so we are going to deep dive on the most noticeable and also so before and after videos because videos are much more fun.


Main Bathroom/Laundry Before and After


Encaustic Tiles

Encaustic tiles are ceramic tiles in which the pattern or figure on the surface is not a product of the glaze but of different colours of clay. They are usually of two colours but a tile may be composed of many. Popular in Victorian. Edwardian eras, and dating all the way back to Medieval times, Perth has joined that trend with an explosion of encaustic inquires and bathrooms renovations we complete throughout Perth. Done right such as this Inglewood home it can look incredible. The tiles used through these bathroom floors are called WHITE ZAMORA MATT ERAS 250mm x 250mm




Wall Tiles (Herringbone and Marble Feature)

The walls tiles are a combination of Herringbone White and Carrara Marble. The majority of the walls are laid floor to ceiling 400mm x 75mm in size. The marble feature wall tile is a 600mm x 600mm rectified porcelain finish. For a complete break down on the pros and cons of herringbone tiling Click Here. My advice for tiling is understanding what is the feature that stands out the most and try not to stress about the not so obvious things. In a way, I mean this bathroom has a high patterned feature floor that draws your eyes the other tiling does not get appreciated as it should due to this loud floor design.




Phoenix does some really beautiful tap-ware and their vivid range is probably one of my favourites. The tapware used throughout this renovation is the Vivid brand in a Gun Metal finish which is a little different from the standard black tap-ware and has a more natural feel to it.




Vanities and Cabinet

These warm and beautiful wall hung vanities are 1200mm wide x 500mm Depth with a 380mm Cabinet Height. The cabinet is called a Slim Summer Wall Hung Cabinet that comes in a range of sizes and finishes but both are double ceramic sinks. The mirror cabinets are matching finish called architect shaving cabinet 1200 Wide x 800mm High and 150mm Deep with matching Overhead Day Light.


Shelving and Other Features.

The main shower storage in the bathrooms is firstly the shower recess in the main bathroom laundry combo. Its location on the shower head wall is due to the owners not wanting to it when you first look into the room. The other bathroom the owner used custom-made stone shelves that match into the window sills and laundry stone top. We installed waterproof architrave around the window and one skirting wall and lastly used tile insert drains to not take away from the finish of the floors.




These bathrooms were a lot of discussions, planning and more planning, tears and finally execution. The owners always had a great vision for the spaces and the conviction to take risks which often gets rewarded. It’s special to work on jobs like this as the final outcome makes you feel great about what we do day in and day out. We have been renovating bathrooms in Perth WA for years and this one we are very happy with I hope everyone loves them as much as we do.


It’s important to note that all our advice is general in nature and all bathrooms are unique so always speak to your local qualified tradesman for the best advice. At on the ball bathrooms we love feedback so let us know what you think with a comment below or if you are looking for a bathroom renovation quote and live in Perth, Western Australia contact us on 0419964678 or email us at

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