Fixed Panel - Walk-In Shower 


Some bathrooms in Perth can be quite small especially bathrooms built in the late 80's and 90's. So when doing any bathroom renovation in Perth it's usually always about getting more space. Walk in shower can be the most effective bathroom renovation for gaining space as we all need it. The walk-in shower allows for a bigger looking rooms and is not only cost effective but looks great. Check Out Our Before and Afters Here

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Classic Family Bathroom Layout - Bricked Bath Set Up (Long and All In Line Set Up)


Many times clients agonize on whether or not to include a bath or keep an existing bath when planning their bathroom renovation. Below are clients who have chosen the option to include a bath in their renovation. Whether its freestanding bath or a traditional bricked in the bath it really comes down to what suits your lifestyle and spacing. Bathroom renovations, especially in Perth, often only have a wall spacing of 1500mm to 2m maximum so you never truly have enough space to walk around a freestanding bath but there are many pros that override the cons which we have covered in detail in our bathoom blog post. Do I Need A Bath?  also check out our Before and Afters Here

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Family Bathroom - Freestanding Bath 

The key to a Freestanding Bath style of layout is to understand that cleaning will be the biggest factor. Unlike a traditional drop-in bath which has brickwork all around it the freestanding bath often has gaps in place of those bricks. It's important to note that you can stand in the bath and get to these spots or some of the baths now come with those sections completely filled in. CLICK HERE for Before and Afters


Small and Large Ensuites 


Ensuite renovations generally have a toilet in the room so you often need to get creative about the layout or finish of the screen will be. Below are examples of ensuite renovations we have done throughout Perth that are on the smaller side. Small ensuites in Perth often utilise this style of the screen which you check out some before and after HERE.  

Alcove Showers


An alcove shower is exactly as it sounds a shower space that is located in an alcove. This bathroom layout is really caused where the person building needed space in the laundry or a linen cupboard so they make the bathroom smaller width wise and stick in this shower alcove. This style of bathroom renovation in Perth often requires a custom-made wall to wall shower screen to allow a complete finish but we are now moving into the realm of wet rooms so open alcoves are becoming a trend. Click Here for some before and afters. 

Shower Baths - Getting a Leg Up 


Shower baths have been popular for a long time, the latest trend in bathroom renovations, however, is to do away with the combo and replace it with a freestanding tub and a separate glass panelled shower. If you have space and the budget I say go for it, as you get the best of both worlds. But the reality is that many bathrooms can’t accommodate this layout, and many people’s budgets just can’t handle it. The feedback we often get is people fear slipping over or worried about an elderly person getting up and down into the bath so serious thought has to be taken when considering the design. All these shower baths below have been completed in Perth, WA for the before and after photos Click Here

Wet Rooms - Let There Be Light


To start off a "wet room" is a bathroom that is designed to maximise space in small rooms by creating wet areas in the bathroom that are traditionally dry. A large drain or multiple drains are set up to take water away quickly from larger areas than normal with no shower screen set up or a non-full shower screen enclosure. If you are looking for an extensive break down on the pros and cons of a wet room set up Click Here

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Whether you have a small Perth bathroom ensuite or are on a budget on the ball bathroom are here to help. Above is a fraction of the Bathroom renovations we have done in Perth but to help you even further please check out our bathroom blog below. We cover everything from shower screens, bathroom drains, tiling directions and even which plants you should have. 


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If you are wanting to just check out photos and the before of our bathroom renovations CLICK the link HERE


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