Before & Afters – 4 Part (Shower, Vanity, Toilet & Bath)
July 14, 2020

Now some rooms are bigger than others, some on this list though are not so much. With a 4 part bathroom, these renovations below cover the rooms that can fit a stand-alone bath, vanity, toilet and shower easily and some a little creatively are what I call a 4 part bathroom. The hardest part of these renovations is like all renovations which is making it seem like this is the way the room always functioned which is no easy task. Ideally, you would have them all in a row for a simple clean finish but you are looking at a wall that is on a ground floor and be 3.3m wide or longer so it is not always achievable.

The second method of the 4 part bathroom is you want a central door, so you can have the 4 items split on each side this often allows for better spacing. So let’s start with the central door method and switch between the two.

Maylands Bathroom Renovation

Open showers toward baths are not always the best layout but often allows for a larger bath


  • Vertical Stack Bond
  • Stone Bath Tub
  • Brushed Brass Tapware

Kalamunda Bathroom Renovation

As mentioned above this is the best 4 part move for a room that has a little width but not length. The owner did an amazing job which looks twice as good in person.


  • Encaustic Floor
  • Shower Wall Built
  • Freestanding Bath

Padbury Bathroom Renovation

As mentioned above this is the best 4 part move for a room that has a little width but not length. The owner did an amazing job which looks twice as good in person.


  • MELA Freestanding Slipper Bath
  • Shower Ledge With Herringbone Tiling
  • Brushed Brass Tapware

Maylands Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovations can sometimes all just come from one place this bathroom have products from 10 different suppliers.


  • Nood Co Sink Blush Pink
  • Formica Vanity Oak
  • ABI Tapware

Willetton Bathroom Renovation

So this renovation is the best example of spacing I could show you with the spacing of each item on the same wall it really opens up the space.


  • Chevron Feature Wall
  • Oak Vanity
  • Matte Black Tapware

Kiara Bathroom Renovation

One thing we do at on the ball bathrooms better than anyone is making the most out of a small space and this Kiara renovation is the example


  • Subway Tiling (Light Grey)
  • Back To Wall Bath
  • Shower Niche

Mt Lawley Bathroom Renovation

I love this bathroom for the use of a space that is a second-story bathroom. Often moving items can be a nightmare so making the best use of a space is crucial with the items you place.


  • Matte Black Tapware
  • Stack Bond Hand Made Tiles
  • Timber All Draws Vanity

Floreat Bathroom Renovation

The Floreat bathroom renovation is one of the most detailed bathrooms we have ever done. It uses 4 types of tiling plus bathroom panels and in-person looks so stunning.


  • Pink Blush Concrete Sinks
  • VJ Bathroom Panels
  • LED Penny Round Shower Niche

High Wycombe Bathroom Renovation

Like all the themes for most of these renovations the owner had a young family with only 1 toilet in a 3 x 1 home so the key with a room like this making the toilet work but also have it hidden from the eye line as much as possible


  • Recessed Mirror
  • Galaxy Stone 300mm x 600mm Floor and Feature Wall
  • Frameless Shower Screen

Wembley Down Bathroom Renovation

In all fairness, this was an extra long bathroom with most bathrooms not really being this long but when you have the space the key is filling it with all the right items like this stunning Wembley Downs bathroom.


  • LED Demister Fienza Bathroom Mirror
  • Herringbone Feature Wall
  • American Suite Toilet

Huntingdale Bathroom Renovation

So often when a room has double doors I always advise to get rid of one when you can to free up a wall. This bathroom was weird as it was like a hallway space that you could not do anything with so making use of the space we had in front of us was crucial.


  • Matte Black Stone 300mm x 600mm Floor To Ceiling Tile
  • Frameless Wall To Wall Alcove Shower Screen
  • Heated Towel Rail

Noranda Bathroom Renovation

I am not always the biggest fan of having items on the wall when you first walk in but sometimes it is a must when the room is wide enough to get the other items bigger and allow for that extra toilet.


  • Double Entry Shower
  • Corner Back To Wall Freestanding Bath
  • 1200mm Oak Finish Vanity With Bank Of Open Shevles

Yokine Bathroom Renovation

Probably the smallest bathroom we have completed in a 4 part style if you are looking for a full break down about all the wonderful products used in this renovation and a break down CLICK HERE


  • AXA Uno Rimless Wall Hung Pan Soft Close Quick Release Seat White
  • Astra Walker Tapware

Dianella Bathroom Renovation

Often the decision families make in these types of renovations is that they are wanting that extra toilet. Often we build these rooms to add a toilet by taking away something. In this Dianella bathroom renovation, it was a sacrifice of the vanity width for that extra toilet


  • Ceiling High Mirror Cabinet
  • Handmade Subway Tiles
  • Black Trim Shower Screen

Belmont Bathroom Renovation

This giant room was a weird use of space that after shifting the door allowed us to open up the space so much more using both sides of the room allowing for large vanity, large shower, large back and large area for the toilet section in this Belmont home.


  • Tall Boy With Large Single Vanity
  • Frameless Fixed Panel With Dog Leg Finish
  • With Long Wall To Wall Wall

Mt Nasura Bathroom Renovation

The difference between toilets and showers is the how much space you need for each. In this Mt Nasura bathroom renovation, we opened a toilet space and installed the shower in that location to allow for a much bigger feeling room.


  • Back To Wall Freestanding Bath
  • Moveable Wall Spout
  • Rimless High Back To Wall Toilet

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