Before & Afters – Small Bathroom Renovations Perth (Full Screen)
October 19, 2020

Growing is the trend of open fixed panel shower screens we can sometimes forget people can want a door and rightly so whether it is due to wanting to retain water or just wanting to keep warmer.

Below are some bathroom renovations we have completed throughout Perth that use the corner screen and hopefully your layout will be below to help in your renovation process most of these renovations are Ensuites.

  • First Section (Full Screen)
  • Second Section (3-Part Screens For Smaller Bathrooms)

Full Screen (Often Square or Rectangle)

Full-screen shower screens are often exactly as they sound often square or rectangle shape. They either use a nib wall for the gap or leave 100mm spacing to make the spacing easier to clean.

Bibra Lake – Bathroom Renovation

Note – Brushed brass is the hardest of all shower screens to do in semi-frameless and took us many tries and patience to nail this project.

West Leederville – Bathroom Renovation

Noranda – Bathroom Renovation

Shelley – Bathroom Renovation

Pro Tip – Frameless showers look stunning but are not always the best for retaining water.

Dianella – Bathroom Renovation

Pro Tip – Black trim shower screens make a statement and tie best into your tapware, brushed brass is a little harder to do as you can not always get the same finish to match.

Guildford Bathroom Renovation

Pro Tip – Powerpoint placement is getting a lot hard with regulations so take it into consideration when having a double sink where you can put your PowerPoint.

Redcliffe Bathroom Renovation

Pro Tip – Stone sinks can take you down a more organic bathroom experience.

3 Part Shower Screens

Three-part screens are exactly as they sound. They are screens that often will have three panels with the centre being the opening of the shower door. These layouts most likely have the toilet and vanity on either side and you are limited for space.

Fremantle Bathroom Renovation

Pro Tip – Long planks either in wood or decorative features are best used vertically to create height

Noranda Bathroom Renovation

Pro Tip – Hampton/Shaker style vanities are popular but something that is not just a trend!

Maylands Bathroom Renovation

Note – First floor bathrooms often can not be made hobless or have wall hung vanities due to the existing plumbing heights but you do not really know until you rip out that bad boy.

Lesmurdie Bathroom Renovation

Pro Tip – Frameless shower screens allow you to see all the features in a room and do not distract

Bayswater Bathroom Renovation

Pro Tip – Go the shower niche when you can they are so much better than a rusty shelf

Lesmurdie Bathroom Renovation

Pro Tip – Side lighting mirrors are great for makeup

Sliding Doors

Below are the most practical but least like in the sliding door ensuite screen set up

Bibra Lake Bathroom Renovation 

Thornlie Bathroom Renovation


Random Screen

These Are Renovations That Use A Full Screen But Often The Space Is Long)

Leeming Bathroom Renovation

Pro Tip – White can make a room feel so damn big!

Ashfield Bathroom Renovation

Pro Tip – Pendant lighting makes a deep feature that draws your eyes

Wembley Downs Bathroom Renovation

Pro Tip – Encaustic floor tiles are great for having an easy to clean floor tile

Kensington Bathroom Renovation

Pro Tip – Have a feature wall! They add a wow factor that is priceless.

Kingsley Bathroom Renovation

Pro Tip – You can save money on a custom made vanity by using a gap on either side and hand towels.

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This article was written by James Mc, one of the founders of On the Ball Bathrooms with over 15 years of bathroom renovation experience combined with knowledge of over a 2000+ completed renovation projects. We hope that we have helped you in any way with some helpful renovations tips or just at least some pretty renovation pictures to look at 🙂