OTB Bathrooms FAQ

What areas do you service?

We are based out of Highgate WA but work most Perth Suburbs.

How long does a bathroom renovation take to complete?

The time that it takes depends on the individual bathroom. We aim to deliver our clients’ with a beautiful new bathroom in as short a time as possible and usually say to allow for 15 working days to get your bathroom up to the standard that we are happy to present to you with enough time for prep work and waterproofing to have successfully bonded. Please note certain shower configuration may take a little longer for customized screens.

What does your quote include?

First, your quote is free, Our labour quotes include the demolition of your pre-existing bathroom, waterproofing, wall and floor tiling, plumbing, electrical work, glazing and plastering with a light bathroom clean on completion. We will also provide you with a price for the product supply for items such as tapware, baths, shower screens, and vanities. You are under no obligation to use these products but many of our clients enjoy the ease of having a 1 stop shop to do the renovation and supply the fixtures and fittings – No Hidden Cost Repeat No Hidden Cost.

Do I need home warranty insurance to renovate my bathroom?

On the Ball Bathrooms has insurance to cover every aspect of the renovation for our client’s peace of mind.

Can you help me design my bathroom?

We love to help and aim to get that perfect bathroom design even those tiny ones. Once we have viewed the space and listened to your ideas, we will come up with a 3D design plan that suits your needs and budget. We will tailor your selection of items to the design and colour that best suits your needs.

Can I purchase my own products to use in an on the ball bathroom renovation?

Absolutely, some customers choose to source their bathroom ware independently. If there is something particular that you have your eye on, send us a photo with the name, brand, etc., I bet we can find it at a better price!

What if I need something custom made?

If you require clever storage solutions or non-standard sized cabinets or vanities that is not a problem. We have several partners who can provide bathroom and laundry items that are made to suit your individual needs

Will I still have water and electricity through the process?

Of course, you will, the only time you be without water will be during times where the plumber requires it to be turned off but that will only be for a short period of time of a few hours at a time.

Why On the Ball

No one and I mean truly no other bathroom company, will work as hard for you as we do. We take great pride in what we do, it stems from the of a perfectionist boss and a team that wants to make you happy. You will never regret going ahead with us for your bathroom renovation in Perth.