Freestanding Shower Bath – Can It Be Done?
December 4, 2020

Over the last few years, the question of “Can I use a freestanding bath as a shower bath set up” has come up every second week. There are two big reasons for this, one being the massive range of options of freestanding baths especially with back to the wall and square freestanding baths, the other is the height of a bricked bath that does not really scream relaxing or enjoyable for many an adult using it.

Shower baths by nature are not always the most desirable and often we only really do them by necessity whether that be the need to have a bath or maybe an extra toilet.

Freestanding Shower Bath

The biggest issue with freestanding baths being used as a shower bath is really the water. When you type in freestanding shower bath often you will get a claw-foot bath with a circular or straight shower curtain.

One reason for this and why I say water is the biggest issue is traditionally freestanding baths were oval in shape meaning a screen could not really sit on it.

Below is your typical clawfoot freestanding shower bath.

Freestanding Shower Bath








So how about rectangle freestanding baths or back to wall backs like below.

Freestanding Shower Bath

These are the new bread of freestanding baths that are more practical for the bathrooms with small spaces as they retain the water so much better over the edges but one of the big things for acrylic freestanding baths is that they have a high degree of movement in them often due to the way the waste is set up inside them.

Due to this movement and often shape of the edge, it can be hard to place a fixed shower screen that goes on the edge of the bath which brings us back to trying to keep water in the bath side.

Once a screen is taken out of the equation the shower curtain is on the list of items people hate so you end back to square one. The key to making this work would be a heavy type of stone bath.

The second issue would be the height. Often freestanding baths can range from 100mm to 300mm higher than a bricked in bath which makes them awesome for having a bath as an adult but a little harder to step in and out of every day for kids, assisted living, or just lazy people like me who tend to slip a lot.

Freestanding Shower Bath

All that said, I am sure there are products and configurations out there to make that freestanding shower bath work for you it is just not that common and often that means expensive which results in a low demand but all these products have cycles and the higher demand will result in more affordable better options in the future.

If deep down you want that Freestanding shower bath then you should get it but always chat with the professional doing the job and take their advice on board.

Below you should check out some awesome shower bath renovations using the humble bricked bath in our before and after series covering shower bath just click the image.







Freestanding Shower Bath

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