Bathroom Window Option - Glass Block

September 12, 2017

The truth about bathroom windows are majority of the time they are the first thing you see. They are at eye level and its up to you whether or not you want that to be feature. Lets be honest you either love glass block windows or hate them. It's important to pick the right window. In this feature, we will quickly focus on glass block windows in dot points so I don't bore you to death. 






  • The designs have a wow factor you can't archive with any other window

  • You have the option to match in different colors

  • Can also be used as a shower screen wall to combine the two together

  • They are incredibly water resistant for in shower designs

  • Allow the maximum amount of light in with still giving privacy


  • Allow little to no ventilation (Ventilation Blocks are available)

  • Do not block out complete viewing of the bathroom

  • Lacks privacy

  • Can be considered outdated by some people

  • May offend potential buyers




There you have it, the pros and cons of having a glass block window. Now as always it comes down to what you want to look at every day of your life and how a renovation suits your needs I personally like a glass block window especially if you are going conservative on the colour it really gives you a wow factor. All advice we give is based on the Perth Bathroom renovation market and all window advice is based on our years of renovations. 


On the ball bathroom are one of Perth best bathroom renovation companies specialise in adding value to your home and bathroom waterproofing 


Inquire today for advice or a quote as we always happy to help.


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