Bathroom Renovation Perth

October 6, 2017

Located in the East Perth, this bathroom renovation is located in an area that has gone from traditional to modern over the last 5 years. The area is booming with gentrification and this bathroom is no different. The clients wanted a more traditional ensuite and we tried our best to deliver.  The bathrooms layout is awkward with the extra door so you are limited to really renovate whats in front of you opposed to a huge overall of the room. 




What We Did


As mentioned above we kept with the same layout but took out the really large shower bath and created a large double shower. The walls being fibro allowed us to build two shower niches in the wall for a nice clean shelving option. With the trend of hexagon style tiling being very in the fashion we supplied a modern variation of this that's neutral but a little bit of wow. It's key to getting the grout right as white will just blend. 



What Bathroom Items Did We Use


We used a lot of Rochelle lever tapware from early settlers in Fremantle, Western Australia. For the more traditional bathroom, we have always found they have the highest in quality when completing this style of the room. The vanity being a shaker style was custom made to meet the clients need. 



Star of the Room


It's the vanity. This vanity may blow your budget it can be costly depending on how it's done. The under-mounted stone tops do bump up the price and the shaker style finish doesn't help but the end product is amazing. Vanities in Perth now are mostly modern so sometimes it hard to find this more traditional style. I and the clients looked everywhere but struggled so bill our cabinet maker was more than happy to create our client's dream bathroom. 




Last Notes about the Bathroom



What I will say about this bathroom is know where to spend your money on a bathroom. Budgets for bathroom renovations in Perth vary a lot so it's important to get the most for your money. We do our best to do affordable bathrooms but often if you knock down walls and move a lot of plumbing you may increase your price. Mike and Lib decided to spend the money on upgrading the fixtures and really that is the star of this bathroom. It looks incredible in person and these photos do not capture it enough. 


Let me know what you think comment below or if you are looking for a quote and live in Perth, Western Australia contact us on 0419964678 or email us at


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