Bathroom Drains - Tile Insert Advice

December 9, 2017

Commonly known as the Tile Insert drain it’s a larger than a normal size drain that allows for you to cut a floor tile into the drain its self creating a seamless floor. The options for bathroom drains in Perth, Western Australia has been in quite a boom but fundamentally the three options are the Strip Drains, Tile Insert Drains and Chrome Floor Grates. These three offer different finishes and practical applications to a bathroom and during the renovation process it is key to get it right. 

Fundamentally the tile insert bathroom drains are great from a visual point of view as you can see in this ball renovation below Roleystone, WA it allows the tiler to create a beautiful feature without the patterned being ruined. 


As you can see below they are great for being able to be removed easily and cleaned. 


One of the feature images below is of a strip drain. These style drains increase the maximum amount of drainage possible but still allow for a stunning feature. 


The draw back of the bathroom tiled insert drain is one it has slighlty less drainage capabilites due to its smaller surface area and two it requres more prepwork when installing 

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