Semi-Framed or Frameless Shower Screens

January 28, 2018

Often there is a high degree of confusion on the difference between the semi-frameless and frameless showers screens. We at on the ball bathrooms will be the heroes you need and break down the difference between the two as well as the pros and cons of each style. Although a shower screen is functional, it can also be a design statement so lets start with the most commonly used shower screen that we use in our bathroom renovations throughout Perth, Western Australia. 


A small note 


Below is a classic framed shower screen and a semi frame-less screen for the same bathroom that we did in Canning Vale. Try to never install fully framed shower screen if you can help it, the screen will close in the room and make it feel like you have built a brick wall. 


Semi-Frameless Shower Screens


Semi-frameless shower screens are truly the best of both worlds. These shower screens are framed, but in a much less conspicuous fashion than the fully framed screen. The slimline' frame is typical of contemporary styling and fits quite well into any modern bathroom. Using 6mm clear toughened glass, these shower screens can easily withstand the rigours of daily use. Dirt is also less likely to be a problem, due to the small size of the frames. The shower screen is braced around the perimeter of the screen (top and bottom) but is not braced around every panel like a fully-framed shower screen which can block light into the space. Semi-frameless shower screens are visually attractive and highly affordable. Making a big comeback is the ability to colour the trim adding to the feature of the shower as you can see below. 




  • Cost Effective 

  • Easier To Keep Clean 

  • Better For Tiling and Concealing Tile Fall

  • Toughen Glass 

  • Match Into Colour Scheme 


  • More parts for installation

  • Glass is not as heavy on feel which some people don't like

  • Can see trim which hides some eye level features


Frameless Shower Screens 


The frameless shower screen has no framing around the edges or rubber seals. This creates fewer places for dirt and grime to build up. The 10mm toughen glass can also come in a frosted or have a design due to the blank canvas of the screen.  A frameless shower screen is more expensive than other shower screen types, but its clean, clear glass will open up your bathroom to make it look larger and more modern.




  • Sleek, Modern Look

  • Easier to Clean

  • Show off tile work in the shower

  • Lets in natural light

  • Minimalistic so that it doesn’t detract from your bathroom design

  • Less moving parts 


  • More expensive than framed showers around 50% more. 

  • The glass is extremely heavy and hard to work with 

  • Almost no rooms for error on floor tiling and high falls.


Proof is in the pudding (Verdict)


I used this expression as the easiest way to explain my advice. Like most things in life, cost is a huge factor in why we do something. Now stay away from fully framed shower screens they always have issues and darken a room. That being said Semi-frameless shower screens can give a great look and come in many different designs. They also offer virtually everything a frameless shower screen can give. So if you’re looking to jazz up your bathroom with a glass shower screen but without the high cost, then consider a semi-framed version. We mainly do semi-frameless shower screen unless they are of the fixed panel variety this is due to a cost nature. However, if you don't want to compromise on your bathroom and you want the minimalist frameless shower screen then go for it. You have to look at that bathroom every day of your life so if it bothers you that you didn't have it then don't compromise



All bathrooms are different with no two ever the same so its important to take our advice as just a guide to help you along the way. The advice we give is based on bathrooms completed in Perth WA. We at on the ball bathrooms love feed back. Let us know what you think, experiences you have had or any questions you would love to know the answer to, we will aim to help or give a little piece of mind as nothing would make us happier. If you are looking for a bathroom renovations quote and you live in Perth, Western Australia please don't hesitate to send us an email at or give us a call on 0419964678


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