Before and After - Freestanding Bath Renovations

February 21, 2018

Often I find when looking for inspiration on a renovation I can't find practical examples of how my space will look. Knowing this my aim for our before and after series is to help you visualize your renovation space better with more accurate examples of bathroom renovations we have completed in Perth.


The key to a Freestanding Bath style of layout is to understand that cleaning will be the biggest factor. Unlike a traditional drop-in bath which has brickwork all around it the freestanding bath often has gaps in place of those bricks. It's important to note that you can stand in the bath and get to these spots or some of the baths now come with those sections completely filled in. Standard sizes are 1500mm, 1650mm and 1800mm but larger and small options can be found. Generally, these three sizes will have the most options and the most affordable range. 


Today we will display 7 before and after bathroom renovations throughout Perth, WA  that have incorporated the freestanding bath in the classic family bathroom layout.


Kiara Bathroom Renovation 

One of my faverouite bathroom renovation we have ever done simply for how much someone can archive in such as small space. The bathroom is a little unique from the others as it could only fit a 1400mm bath which is shorter than most freestanding bath installed.

 Highlights -

  • Timber Vanity 

  • Hexagon Matte White Feature Wall 

  • Custom Made Semi Frameless Matte Black Shower Screen


Guildford Bathroom Renovation.

The owners of this bathroom wanted to have a bath they as adults could use. So out with the shallow drop in bath in with the deep freestanding one. 

 Highlights -

  • Dark Charcoal All Draws Wall Hung Vanity 

  • Nib Shower Wall 

  • Custom Made Semi Frameless Shower Screen

Leeming Bathroom Renovation 
Big baths take up space but damn are they not great to bath in. There are always concerns about putting large freestanding baths in smaller spaces but I have always maintained they are a better option then something adults can not use with the lower drop in baths. 


 Highlights -

  • LED Mirror (High) 

  • Deep Dish Against Wall Freestanding Bath 

  • Black Trim Shower Screen 

Canning Vale Bathroom Renovation 

The owner of this canning vale property wanted to have a hand held device for her daughter to wash her hair in the bath, this option is also great for people wanting to wash there dogs. The combined outlets can be quite expensive so one option is to use the mixer diverter like below.

 Highlights -

  • Frameless Fixed Panel Walk In Shower 

  • Combined Spout and Handheld Bath Outlet

  • Custom Made Vanity - Deep Dish Laminate

Munster Bathroom Renovation 
While over the horrible multicoloured tiles they had the owners of this bathroom wanted a natural floor tile that would go with there dark flooring but lighter on the walls to pop the bath. 

 Highlights -

  • Oak Venere 300mm x 300mm Floor Tiles

  • Undermounted Vanity 

  • Caroma Oval Freestanding Bath 1500mm x 750mm 

 Rivervale Bathroom Renovations 

Something unique about this bathroom renovation is the use of a glass vanity top which has little to no silicone. 

Highlights -

  • Glass Vanity Double Basin 

  • Extra Large Custom Made Shower Screen 1500mm x 1000mm 

  • Roma Freestanding Egg Bath


 Scarborough Bathroom Renovation 
Frameless shower screens are a great way to make a room feel so much larger combined with a wall hung vanity it really helps in making the freestanding bath not feel to bulky in a rectangle finish. 

Highlights -

  • Kado Lux Freestanding Bath 1600mm x 750mm 

  • Oak Vanity 900mm Wall Hung 

  • Frameless Shower Screen 900mm x 900mm

Canning Vale Bathroom Renovation 

With only large adult kids the owner of this property were looking to wash the kids and the dog!

Highlights -

  • Undermounted Marble Benchtop 

  • Aqua Freestanding Bath 

  • Bubbles Border Finish 


Henley Brook Bathroom Renovation

Often with these style of bathroom renovation we do involving a custom made semi frameless we use a nib wall. The owner of this bathroom preferred to go with a gap instead for a break down of both options CLICK HERE 

Highlights -

  • In Wall Above Vanity Mixer

  • Carome Petite Freestanding Bath 

  • Pilbara 300mm x 900mm Tiles

Rivervale Bathroom Renovation 

Wanting a little luxry with her bathroom renovation this owner wanted to install a nice practical bath after removing a spa bath from the ensuite. 

Highlights -

  • Slipper Freestanding Bath 

  • Galaxy Stone Benchtop Grey 

  • Flooring Standing Bath Mixer 

The freestanding-bath renovations look and feel great. As an adult, us and children can actually use the bath opposed to the much shallower bricked bath. My wife personally every time we book a hotel anywhere wants a tub bath so I know it can be a great selling point. If you are dead set on keeping a bath I would recommend getting a freestanding bath. The downsides are its cost which can be $750 to $1500 more expensive to purchase oppose to the drop in bricked bath and the cleaning factor. If they are not issues for you then always go the freestanding when possible for a wow factor and a relaxing feel.


At on the ball bathrooms let us know what you think with a comment below or if you are looking for a bathroom renovation quote and live in Perth, Western Australia contact us on 0419964678 or email us at


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