Before and After - Shower Bath Renovations

March 21, 2018

Shower baths are a great renovation for creating space, Whether that is getting a larger vanity into the room or that second toilet for the home that is in desperate need for another Shower Baths are you answer. Below we will give examples of all these scenarios including the roman bath option and complete wet room for the daring person.

Leeming Bathroom Renovation

I am never the biggest fan of walls for the closing in effect they can give a room. The owners of this Leeming bathroom went away with the wall and added a spa bath for luxury


  • Drop In Spa Bath 

  • 1500mm Single Charcoal Vanity

  • Silver Shower Niche 

Redcliffe Bathroom Renovation

One of the biggest reasons a client will want a shower bath is the need for more space. For this renovation the owners wanted more vanity space for there growing kids.


  • LED Rounded Mirror  

  • Eden Vanity - Large Vanity Base 

  • Contrast Shower Niche

Nollamara Bathroom Renovation

This bathroom was one of the worst use of space I have ever seen with too much being added to a space making it look cluttered. We went with the all on one wall finish to make the room feel bigger


  • 600mm x 600mm Saturia Cararra Bathroom Tiles 

  • Hampton Charcoal Vanity 

  • Heated Black Towel Rai 

Rivervale Bathroom Renovation

This rental was experiencing a high level of leaking from the roman bath that existed that did not contain any waterproofing. The plan for this was to provide a more comfortable bath for families with young kids


  • Charcoal 1200mm Vanity With Ceramic Basin  

  • Snow Stone 300mm x 600mm Floor  (Running Up Bath) 

  • Pivot Semi Frameless Shower Screen


Bibra Lake Bathroom Renovation 

Alot of families renovations we do these days are getting away with the shower and having a shower bath. This is to either get a second toilet or like this below renovation MORE STORAGE.


  • Caroma Inset Bath 

  • 2 In 1 Shower Combo Without Rail 

  • Double 1500mm (Single Vanity) 


West Perth Bathroom Renovation

Gold fittings can be hit or miss but these beautiful gold fittings are perfect. The brass finish tiles in so well with the shower niche and its darker tone opposed to some yellow looking fittings really make it look classy.



  • Matt White Hexagon Tiles

  • Gold Fittings

  • Shower Niche With Gold Finish

Ballajura Bathroom Renovation

The owner for this renovation wanted to brick up a second doorway into the room and make use of a wall to wall feature. She elected for a high drop in bath for relaxation and easier to cleaning option.


  • Rainbow Vessel Basin 

  • Custom Made Two Tone 

  • Shower Niche With Mosaic Backing

 Mt Lawley Bathroom Renovation

Second story plumbing is tricky and this renovation was no different. Ideally the owners wanted to get rid of all the boxed plumbing and we were able to arcieve that. 


  • Marble Flooring Into Feature Wall 

  • Grey Sparkle Benchtop 

  • Shower Niche With  Phoenix Slim Line Tap-ware

Leeming Bathroom Renovation

Our awesome owner  wanted a large vanity for her daughters as she felt they would much prefer bench space and storage than a separate shower and bath


  • 1500mm Single Basin Vanity

  • Ferrari Feature Wall Tile

  • Shower Niche With Mosaic Backing

Riverton Bathroom Renovation

The owner for this bathroom renovation in Riverton WA wanted to install a toilet instead of having a separate shower. A second toilet was a bigger priority in the house due to it being a 4 x 1. 


  • Black Deluxe Mirror

  • Stone Wash Vessel Basin 

  • Caroma Deep Lay Bath

 Bathroom Renovation Willetton 

For this bathroom renovation the owners wanted the higher possible shower bath. The biggest bath they made at the time was a bath called Everest which is around the 550mm high. 


  • Everest Bath 550mm High 

  • Shower Niche With Floor Contrast

  • Ice White Stone Top

Extra Style - Three Wall Shower Bath (Roman Bath)


Southern River Bathroom Renovation

Below are bathroom renovations we recently completed that wanted a bath option but did not want a bath you stand in or a wet room bath so the only option was the classic roman bath. A roman bath has three walls built around it and in theory is the best of both worlds a bath you can lay in and a stand in. The only issue is they are not the most comfortable baths but has its up sides. 


  • Rose Gold Tapware

  • Wooden Benchtop

  • Wall To Wall Niche/Rest

Thornlie Bathroom Renovation 

The key to this roman bath set up was having a large frosted shower screen to help with privacy allowing two people to use the bathroom at one time if needed.


  • Matte Black Eden Tapware

  • Custom Made 3m Vanity - Only Draws 

  • Custom Made Semi Framed Black Trim Shower Screen - Frosted Shower Screen 


Wet Room Example - Bathroom Renovation Thornlie 

The wet room is the ultimate in modern renovation ideas as it allows for a shower and a bath separate where before it would of been a shower bath like this Thornlie renovation below.  For more information on Wet Room set ups CLICK HERE 

Shower baths are not everyone's cup of tea. The feelings of getting in and out of something high can be tricky and a little slippery. I find people install them for function over style so it's important to try and nail both if possible. Shower baths are great at making space for something else. 


All this is to say renovations have a purpose and if your purpose is to gain something such a toilet then why not sacrifice a walk in show and hey if you love a shower bath then definitely install one its something you have to live with every day so don't listen to what other people tell you. Renovate to your needs and wants not the needs and wants of others. 


All bathrooms are different with no two ever the same so it's important to take our advice as just a guide to help you along the way. The advice we give is based on bathrooms completed in Perth WA. We at on the ball bathrooms love feed back. Let us know what you think, experiences you have had or any questions you would love to know the answer to. We will aim to help or give any piece of mind we can as nothing would make us happier. If you are looking for a bathroom renovations quote and you live in Perth, Western Australia please don't hesitate to send us an email at or give us a call on 0419964678.



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