5 Types of Bathroom Renovations

March 22, 2018

As I will explain in my closing statement simply put your taste is your taste. Renovations to me are a personal experience especially if you are renovating a home that you will be living in so why not have something that you love.  Yes, bathrooms have become more modern but if your style is more the classics why not integrate both. The list below are the 5 most common style of bathroom renovation.



The Oasis Bathroom Renovation 


The oasis is your very own private day spa a place with, calming atmosphere that makes the bathroom the perfect place to unwind after a long day. Often in incorporating natural elements such as wood furniture vanities, pebble mosaic flooring, wood or wood look tiles and stone elements such as cladding. As Perth, WA is so close to Bali we often get asked for bathroom renovations close to that style of landscape. 


Why: If you are someone who loves to spend as much time as possible in your bathroom then this style is for you as the name states your own personal oasis. 



A freestanding bath feels relaxing as they are deep. If you are ever going to install a bathroom during your next renovation always aim for a freestanding bath . 


Minimalist Bathroom Renovations


The minimalist bathroom is sleek and uncluttered while still incorporating elements of luxury. Features include clean, modern lines and clever storage.  The below bathroom is the best example the hidden toilet, wall hung vanity, frameless shower screen fixed panel, mixers and tiles finishes involving big tiles and concrete feel.


Why: You want this bathroom if you are someone who does not like clutter. You want to throw a bucket of water across the room and be able to mop in one setting. This is for the anti-hoarder 

The bathroom renovation below in Kensington WA, its a really small room but manages to incorporate a toilet vanity and large walk in shower due to its minimalist nature. 


 The High Tech Bathroom 


If you have a gizmo this bathroom wants it. Including LED lighting, google home, hidden blue tooth speakers and any heating item you can find. Below are examples of bathrooms that use the ever popular LED faucets which change colour depending on the temperature, remote controlled vanity strip lighting and feature box lighting to shower off a cool design. Generally, the colour of these bathrooms is cold colours such as white and greys.


Why: This style of bathroom is for you if you love the latest and greatest plus your not afraid to show it off. Elements of this style of bathroom is great to incorporate into other styles




 The Practical Bathroom Renovation 


This bathroom is designed to be used. While still looking attractive, the focus is to have everything easily accessible and to be easily cleaned. Elements of the practical bathroom include shower baths, big fixed panel shower screens, nib walls, fixed shower heads, shower boxes, black and white bathrooms. These bathrooms with often family bathrooms with small children


Why: You are renovating for others. This style of bathroom is more designed for people with kids or reselling as its quite neutral. It would be our more common bathroom renovation.


The Federation Bathroom 


Federation bathroom renovations have a deep old-fashioned bathtub and the classic tones of cream. This bathroom is older-style without sacrificing any of the modern amenities. In 2018 this bathroom often has touches of modern ideas such as walk-in showers or mixer taps. It has become more of theme then an exact replica of olden times as people strive for an easier to clean bathroom over style. 


Why: You are over the modern looking bathrooms and want to bring back the classics. The late 2010's are bringing the colonial and Federation styles back done right this bathroom style looks incredible but won't be everyone's cup of tea. 



Encuastic tiles are all the range in 2018 and this bathroom renovation in Yokine WA below is one of the first bathrooms we ever used them. I personally love them done in the right setting. 






We all love what we love. Every week i meet new people with new ideas and new tastes so one persons style will not always be the next person cup of tea. A client recently asked me "do you think what we want will look stupid" and my answer was "stupid to who". The reality is if you love it its all that should matter you are spending your hard earned money on it, you have to live with it everyday and enjoy using it so why compromise.  


Its important to note that all our advice is general in nature and all bathrooms are unique so always speak to your local qualified tradesman for the best advice. At on the ball bathrooms we love feedback so let us know what you think with a comment below or if you are looking for a bathroom renovation quote and live in Perth, Western Australia contact us on 0419964678 or email us at ontheballbathrooms@gmail.com


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