Frosted V Transparent (Shower Screens)

April 10, 2018

There are way too many choices when it comes to products for your next bathroom renovation and shower screens are not different. Now I would say that almost 90 percent of all shower screens we install for our bathroom renovations in Perth would use transparent glass. There are a few reasons for this such as.


  • Transparent glass allows for more light

  • Shows off features and borders you may have

  • The larger selection of pre-made and more affordable

Frosted glass is glass that has been rendered opaque; that is, you cannot see through it but it still lets the light through. Below are the reasons someone would pick this style of shower screen

  • Easier to clean as watermarks are a lot less noticeable

  • Can be made into a beautiful feature design

  • Allows for privacy while in the shower


This section below are examples of bathrooms we have done in Perth that use frosted and transparent shower screens with very similar layouts to give you a better perspective


Fixed Panel Walk In Shower Screens 


Corner Pivot Screen 



 Wall To Wall Shower 


I personally love the feel of a transparent shower screen as it makes the bathroom feel bigger, I understand cleaning can be a big factor and one way to help with that is sealing the shower screen which if you Click Here will give you great bathroom cleaning advice. 


For more information on other showers screen advice check out our links below 


Perth Black Shower Screen Advice

 Wall To Wall V Open Shower

Semi V Frameless Shower Screens 


 All bathrooms are different with no two ever the same so it's important to take our advice as just a guide to help you along the way. The advice we give is based on bathrooms completed in Perth WA and always consult your local tradesman for the best advice. We at on the ball bathrooms love feed back. Let us know what you think, experiences you have had or any questions you would love to know the answer to. We will aim to help or give any piece of mind we can as nothing would make us happier. If you are looking for a bathroom renovations quote and you live in Perth, Western Australia please don't hesitate to send us an email at or give us a call on 0419964678.


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