All White Bathrooms (Pros and Cons)

June 14, 2018

All white bathrooms are exactly how it sounds, a bathroom that uses floor to ceiling white tiles. Now there are slight variations to the tiles but the theme of the bathrooms are white. Below we will break down some all-white bathroom renovations we have done in Perth and why you should do it and why you might want to stay away.



Most of us in our lives have painted a wall white so we know the transformation it can create with a feeling of cleanliness, to begin with. Picking items and tiles is very stressful for people but picking white is the easiest method for clients as they can picture that in their minds. So this familiarity with white rooms can make the selection process easier.

Show Me The Light

White bathrooms are a great option if your bathroom space is lacking windows or natural light, as they help to brighten a space and reflect light especially if you use a gloss tile, which also makes this a particularly good option for smaller bathrooms. The bathroom below is a renovation we completed in Mt Lawley has no natural light in the room. 


Due to the low-risk factor in having white bathroom products suppliers will often have a larger variety of white tiles or vanities at the lowest costings. The gloss white 300mm x 600mm rectified would be the most common wall tile we have laid in the last 10 years.


Loved By Most - Resale

If you’re looking to re-sell or rent out your home, an all-white or neutral bathroom can act as a blank canvas, allowing people the opportunity to easily visualise themselves as well as their possessions in the space.


Feeling dull 


After a while, your all-white bathroom space may seem like it is lacking something. Often a white vanity against a white wall and white floor can all feel a little boring. It will be clinical in nature with any colour or item you add into the room standing out the most.


I Cant Keep My White Jeans White


White might be a symbol of cleanliness, but it also gets dirty easily. If white bathrooms are your thing, then expect dirty fingerprints and mess to be more noticeable and be prepared to make some extra effort to keep it clean as white grout is the hardest grout to keep clean on the floors

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