Before and After - Long Family Bathrooms

October 19, 2018

There are generally two types of configurations we do for family bathrooms that we do in Perth WA. The style of bathroom that the below bathroom renovations are of a layout which creates a long feel to the bathroom. The screen will always generally run on the edge of the bath which we call a dog leg finish. 


High Wycombe Bathroom Renovation 

This classic family bathroom is a simple renovation but incredibly effective. 

Only tiled to halfway around the room making it perfect for someone who like to paint feature walls or likes to change there minds


Dianella Bathroom Renovation

This renovation was unique as the owner wanted to give up bench space to incorporate another toilet into the home.


 The biggest feature of the bathroom is either the handmade subway tiles which give a warmer natural feel or the ceiling high mirror cabinet for plenty or storage. 



Willetton Bathroom Renovation

Below is a high gloss grey and white bathroom. Other features of the room are an all draws vanity and moveable bath spout.


 The biggest feature is a decorative vanity bowl which draws your eyes straight in. Always be careful with what bowl you chose but keep in mind you can change it later on.

Booragoon Bathroom Renovation 


Frosted shower screens are not always my go to, only due to the large presence they have in a room but if cleaning if you enemy or you are wanting a bit of privacy they are great.

 The biggest feature is a frosted shower screen which is great if you hate cleaning but bad if you are are wanting to create a feeling of space. 


Shelley Bathroom Renovation 


The biggest task for this Shelley bathroom was incorporating 4 key items you can have in a bathroom which is the bath, shower, vanity and toilet.


  • Valley Encaustic Tiles 

  • Dark Wood Vanity Benchtop 

  • Jet Spa With Headrest


Morley Bathroom Renovation 


Below is a dark marble tile bathroom with white walls in a combo setting. Other features include a beautiful feature wall and pin lever mixers. 

 The biggest feature is the custom-made awning window which provides a feeling of space to the bathroom compared to the sliding windows which limit light into the room. 


Atwell Bathroom Renovation (Island Bath)

Below is a bathroom renovation that is a little different to the ones above as it uses an island bath. An island bath is when you have bricks around the entire bath creating effectively an island of bricks around it. The reason they wanted this was to create more storage around the bath.


I personally love this shower nice as its a great size but also a nice feature with the use of the floor tile running up the wall. 


Frameless Finish

Most of the bathrooms above are a semi frameless shower screen. Below is an example of the fully frameless screen.


Parkwood Bathroom Renovation (Long Freestanding Bath)

Second story bathroom renovations are tricky due to the high amount of labour required if you are wanting to move anything around. This bathroom is an example of a owner wanting a freestanding bath but the floor needing to be raised to be able to house the waste. 

LED Mirrors are on the trend these days and are fantastic lighting for applying make up. 


Atwell Bathroom Renovation (Long Freestanding Bath)

On a final not below is our recently completed bathroom renovation Atwell. This one is unique as the owner wanted to have a freestanding bath instead of a drop in bath so a little more width is required that is not always there in these styles of bathrooms.

This renovation is on the higher end of fittings and materials chosen but the owner really chose some beautiful elements to create a luxury bathroom she wanted. 

All bathrooms are different with no two ever the same so it's important to take our advice as just a guide to help you along the way. The advice we give is based on bathrooms completed in Perth WA. We at on the ball bathrooms love feedback. Let us know what you think, experiences you have had or any questions you would love to know the answer to. We will aim to help or give any piece of mind as we can as nothing would make us happier. If you are looking for a bathroom renovations quote and you live in Perth, Western Australia please don't hesitate to send us an email at or give us a call on 0419964678.  


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