3 Reasons Black Tapware Is Here To Stay

August 9, 2019

Chrome is dead long live Black. No quite but for almost two decades the chrome finish tap-ware has been the most popular and often finish we have installed for all our bathroom renovation. In case your bathroom is ordinary and simple, you can give your bathroom interiors a boost by installing black taps or mixer as they integrate a bold contrast for such a usual design, translated a simple white bathroom can look like the ritz from a simple change of tapware finish. While chrome will never go out of style, matte black tap-ware has enjoyed a sharp surge in popularity and is now at the forefront of interior design trends along with every day households falling in love with it. Below we will give you 5 reasons why it is here to stay and finish with the cons just so be helpful as much as well can here at On the Ball Bathrooms. 


 1. Show Me The Money 

When black tapware first became available it was 3 to 5 times more then the same chrome finish. Now with how popular is it they are almost on par which then fuels the costing to come down even more. Bathroom renovations can require a big outlay of cost and one way to keep the project budget friendly is to choose a white bathroom scheme in the way of tiling and bathroom fixtures. 

 2.Goes With It All 

Back tapware looks lavishly elegant and refined against natural materials such as timber, marble and stone. The growing demand for organic feeling bathrooms have been a big trend of late. These natural materials match flawlessly with black tap-ware and compliment in away any person can look at and love. 

 3. It's Loved By Most
The finish of the tap-ware as stated in the other two points has an impact. That impact is both modern and fluid which is very hard to achieve. Its a tap-ware where a non renovation person can look at and go "i love that" and that is a concept which is not always easy in a world of so much choice. 

Things To Look Out For With Black Tapware 

Like all bathroom items there are always pros and cons. At On the Ball Bathrooms we always try to present both sides so you can make your own mind up. Below are two ideas to take into consideration when picking black tap ware. 


Fading and Dust
Dust or make-up powder will reside on the black taps and it’s easily noticeable as well. If you apply powdered make-up in your bathroom, chances are high that the particles of this can fall on your taps that can cause them to appear misty when you wipe away the powder. Also regardless of the finish that your black taps have, the color will fade eventually. However, you can prolong the look of your black tap-ware with some effort as well as clean off those make up powder by using a microfiber cloth when cleaning 
Never use wax based cleaners or chemicals
Last but definitively not least you need to take good care of your black taps. Wax based cleaners or chemicals are a strict NO. Instead, you can use mild soapy water to clean and dry the taps thoroughly, so the water doesn’t leave marks over the outer finish.

 As someone who day in and day out quotes, renovates and has been in this profession for almost two decades the matte blackware is the most universal accepted new bathroom item I can remember since the introduction of rectified tiles. It wont be for everyone but it seems to be for alot of people.


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