The Best Bathroom Tiling Team (Why Us)
September 28, 2022

Our tiling team are the best bathroom tilers in Perth you will find. I say this after 20 years of being in this industry and having worked with so many tilers that this team of 8 we have as our exclusives tilers are the most complete.

People will often say these types of claims but each tiler on our team below expertly approaches bathroom tiling from decades of tiling bathroom renovations with every tile imaginable.

What makes these tilers the best at what they do is they only do renovation tiling which is the hardest of all floor and wall tiling, they know what can go wrong and the best ways to make the finishing the best it can be to all surfaces.

So let’s meet the team (Alphabetical Order)

  • Bruce
  • Jack
  • Joe
  • Leland
  • Lee
  • Luigi
  • Paul
  • Steve

Let me dot point out why each one of these tilers are great at tiling.

Communication – All of our tilers are great with people and know how to communicate exactly what they are doing and can help a client every step of the way with trying to achieve what they want out of the tiling and even offer the best advice on something that may not work.

Prep Work and Waterproofing – All the prep work and waterproofing are done by our tiling team as they all know what works best for their own tiling and the space. The waterproofing is super important with each member being trained in the latest and greatest bathroom waterproofing methods to make sure your bathroom lasts decades and decades.

Laying Anything and Everything – Any size tile, any type of finish any direction you want it laid each member is familiar with and capable to make it work. Every tiler we have can answer your mitre choice questions or trim finishes depending on how you want your edges completed.

Lastly and Most Important – THEY WORK CLEAN! now, this might not be high on everyone’s list but to me a tiler who works cleanly is amazing. It’s about taking pride in your work and the space you are working in which not every tradesperson has but these tilers do.

Below is the list of our tilers and an image of their work I love and what they specialise in case you needed something specificly completed now they can do it all but these are the types of tiling they excel at or prefer to do.

Bruce – Large Format Tiles

Jack – Mitred Corners

Joe – Herringbone Pattern Laying

Leland – Subway 1/2 Off Set

Lee – Vertical Stackbond

Luigi – Real Terrazzo and Porcelain Sheets

Paul – Mosaics Sheeting

Steve – Pattern Tiles

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OTB Tilers

It’s important to note that all our advice is general in nature and all bathrooms are unique so always speak to your local qualified tradesman for the best advice.

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