So many laundries built before the modern day designs were created so impractical with a waste of so much space. Get more out of the largely underutilized space, it’s what we specialize in practically. These laundry renovations located all over Perth are a small sample size of the many laundries and toilet we have completed. Often the smallest rooms can be the hardest to decide what to do with as you see each item so much more. 

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2019 Laundry Renovation Trends






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Laundry Renovations Perth WA

Toilet Renovations Perth 

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Rimless Toilets Perth

Best Place For A Toilet To Go  


The toilet is the number one place that guest will visit and the number one source of embarrassment ifs it’s not up to scratch. Though a small room there is simple ways to make the most visited room in the house the best room in the house. In Perth, toilet varieties have been booming! The new range of hidden toilets and rimless have become all the rage. 

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