Why The Freestanding Bath Is Perfect For Your Family Bathroom
January 2, 2023

Old habits are hard to break and it is as true during the bathroom renovation design process. I say this, as often convincing someone to have a freestanding bath over a brick-style bath can come down to what they have always had and it is simple to go down that route.

Now the key to asking yourself if you want to replace that bricked bath with a freestanding bath comes down to who will be using it.

Now below is two bathrooms we have completed that are the same layout one using a bricked bath and the other using a freestanding in a very similar space.

Both are beautiful bathrooms in their own way with pros and cons for either but below we will break down the pros and cons of a freestanding bathroom in a tight space.

Too Tight Might Not Be Right (Cons)

  • Price – Con

Freestanding baths will generally set you back a considerable amount more than a standard built-in bath. The difference in price is usually reflective of the quality of materials and design that are utilized in crafting a beautiful freestanding bath. So, even though you might be paying more, you’ll be sure to end up with the bathroom of your dreams if you choose a freestanding bath.

  • Space – Con

Freestanding baths do usually take up a considerable amount of room when compared to a built-in bath.

  • Practicality – Con

If you’ve got small children, a freestanding bath can tend to be a little difficult to bathe them in due to the increased depth but its not too dramatic

Pros of Freestanding Bath

  • Usability – Pro

Freestanding baths are amazing for adults. In comparison to drop-in bricked baths, freestanding baths allow bigger kids and adults to actually use the bath.

  • Wow Factor – Pro

These types of baths have a wow factor that bricked baths do not have as there is almost a look of Dredd with a bricked bath

  • Resale Value – Pro 

Let’s say me and my wife are looking for a home the first thing she looks for is a bath and a bath she can use. A freestanding bath is a luxury item people look for when they see a freestanding bath.

Final Verdict

Personally, for me, I love a freestanding bath. I think they are perfect in the main bathrooms due to the fact everyone in the family can actually use them. Bricked baths do not allow much for adults and once the kids reach a certain size it becomes a place where people just throw clothes and no one wants that.

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