Bathroom Drain/Waste Options
September 12, 2017

Practical versus style that’s the debate we often we have in bathroom renovations especially with how many modern options we have. Shows like The Block sometimes confuse people on what is practical for there home. So let me do my best to navigate the tough choices, below I will describe the pros and cons of the three most common types of drains that we use in all our bathroom renovations.

First, we have the bread and butter of bathroom drains, they are the classic chrome square drains. Mostly using 50mm and 80mm the chrome finish not only looks like a brand new and shiny they are the most practical by far. The 80mm comes with a round centre able to be taken out if any blockage occurs, now I said square not because they only come in squares but square gives the best finish you can get around but its quite difficult to get a nice finish in the grinder so try to go square when possible. In terms of access and drainage, they are some of the best options.

Drainage | 9/10
Wow-Factor | 4/10
Perth Price: 80mm | $15 To $25


Second is called Bermuda, not the mysterious island but the ultra sleep waste. Commonly known as the Tile Insert it’s a larger than a normal size drain that allows for you to cut a floor tile in the middle with the drain almost invisible except the edges. It has a real wow factor but one thing you have to note is the drainage is not great on them as there is less of surface area to go to. Its nothing dramatic but just something to take not of. Its also import to not that it does cost slightly more money like all things different.

Bathroom Drain/Waste Options

Bathroom Drain/Waste Options

Drainage | 5/10
Wow-Factor | 9/10
Perth Price: 80mm | $50 To $100


The last, but certainly not least, is the Strip Drain. This long drain (900mm to 2000mm) is the most technical of all the drains in terms of installation. The amount of the prep work required to install one is quite high compared to the other drains often the moving of the shower waste goes hand in hand with the drain. The purpose of the drain is to create maximum drainage for larger tiles and wet room setups. Some clients want the biggest tiles on the floor but especially in the shower, this drain will decrease the chance of pooling of water as you can get an adequate fall around this waste. It’s important to note if you have a full screen enclosed it’s not always necessary to have such a large drain not only is it’s costing a lot higher it does not really improve drainage if we are only talking a 900mm x 900mm space.

Bathroom Drain/Waste Options

Bathroom Drain/Waste Options

Drainage | 10/10
Wow-Factor | 9/10
Perth Price | 900mm $200 To $500


In concluding remember it comes down to the bathroom that you have and the design your trying to achieve. If it’s a rental or a quick fix go the chrome grates they are inexpensive, look great and have little to no post-care. The Bermuda drain is perfect for that wow factor seamless style that people love in a modern bathroom, especially in highly patterned floor tiles where you are trying to archive an overall look without spoiling it. The strip drain is perfect for more open designs but they are the most expensive and the most amount of work but the best of the best.

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