Laundry Renovations Perth Before & After
April 4, 2018

There is so much choice for laundry renovations in this day and age. If you are looking for advice on your next laundry renovation Click Here for our 4 best tips for starting your next laundry renovation.

Below are the before and afters of laundry renovations we have done in Perth, WA. Laundries in Perth range from large to tiny depending on the suburb you’re located in and the builders on the day’s mood.

North Perth Laundry Renovation

Modern laundry renovations are leaning towards practical spaces but also look stunning. This crazy part about this renovation is the space that was empty to start with. Who builds a house with that much room with nothing in it

Wattle Grove Laundry Renovation

What a laundry renovation this is, we change a cat into a dog. Jokes aside what a transformation this laundry was. A beautiful two-tone finish and a gorgeous ceramic sink.

Ellenbrook Laundry Renovation

When you have a double door exist like this Ellenbrook laundry renovation my advice is always to go with shelves.

Applecross Laundry Renovation

Below is a simple example of no dryer and the drop-down washing machine method for more benchspace.

Atwell Bathroom Renovation

The below laundry renovation was completed by an owner who wanted to remove the older style of a bricked linen closet and make it a nicer white finish.



Extra Tip: Splashbacks make or break some spaces and I personally love the finish of a mosaic splashback to really pop a white space.



Scarborough Laundry Renovation

One of my favorite laundry renovations we have done to date is this Scarborough Renovation. Using two-tone finished cabinets and beautiful stack bond splashback it really pops but does not take away.







Applecross Laundry Renovation

This laundry renovation is an example of making a white space work with the splashback adding the wow with the rest being practical.





Padbury Laundry Renovation

Often clients will have a linen cupboard they want to match into their new cupboard finishes but not the whole thing just the doors as the internal will often be the same.

West Perth Laundry Renovation

A small broom closet is so hard to get in a pre-made style so often for a renovation like this it will need to be custom made which opens up the use of a nice matte finish shaker style cabinets.






Rivervale Laundry Renovation

Strip lighting is great for added a wow factor to a laundry spacing also helping with seeing those stubborn stains better.

Gosnells Laundry Renovation

Often the older laundries may not be the standard depths of 600mm plus. This is an example of a laundry renovation where the entrance only allows for 400mm deep and we have to bring the benchtop out hence the jagged finish.

Munster Laundry Renovation

This Munster laundry renovation uses the stacked method to house the washer and dryer

Floreat Laundry Renovation

Another stacked set up this the reverse style of the Munster renovation it also uses the uncommon diamond floor tiling.

Duncraig Laundry Renovation

This Duncraig laundry renovation was designed by Jennifer Newell Design and uses an incredible hexagon 900mm x 1200mm wall tile as splashback that is so beautiful in person.

Double View Laundry Renovation

Undermounted sinks are a real beauty in person!



Extra Tip: Undermounted sinks are a little more expensive but really add a wow factor to any laundry renovation.



Mt Hawthorn Laundry Renovation



Extra Tip: Often I recommend if you are going for a white laundry top try to pop the room with a splashback that really has a wow factor to break up the white.



Cannning Vale Laundry Renovation

The hard part about this laundry renovation is that they had a bunch of space near the door which could only be used for storage. It does shorten the room a little but its adds so much storage.

Bassendean Laundry Renovation

This laundry renovation is an example of still wanting a top loader but you need to move it to th external wall to create bench space.





Shelley Laundry Renovation



Extra Tip: Waterfall edges that incorporate the top finish off a laundry top if a feature is what you are trying to make of it.



Henley Brook Bathroom Renovation



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