Maylands Bathroom Renovation – Profile (Second Storey Bathrooms)
June 29, 2021

The renovation process can be stressful, often when you start out this journey you are not always sure where to begin or what to do. Over the next few months, we will be doing bathroom profiles to help with a few insights on the process and what can come up during the renovation itself while introducing you to our team and wonderful suppliers to help on your own renovation journey and hopefully make the process a little easier.

Maylands Second Storey Renovation

Let me start by saying this bathroom is Linda’s our awesome client who allowed us to renovate her space. You can only create a space that the owner has the vision or determination to make.

Words From The Designer (Klara Chetty – Lead Designer at k.eszter Design Studio)

This project had some clear direction from the client with style and function, which is always the perfect jumping-off point. Building on those key elements and bringing in the beautiful and playful style from the existing home we created a light and fun space. Below is my original concept drawing and the outcome underneath.

Issues with second storey renovations (wait and see)

Overall renovations are all about the unknown and nothing is more unknown than what you will get with a second storey bathroom renovation.

  • You will be dictated by how the builders left the plumbing in the floors to what you can do with the space now.
  • If the shower or bath wastes are higher than the rest of the floor you will most likely be stuck with how it is set up without extensive work.
  • Often bricked hobs are required due to floor levelling to the shower area
  • All that is to say is if you have a great renovation team they will always at least offer you a solution or an alternative but how far you are willing to go to achieve that is down to you.

Before and After (No Words Needed)

Lighting Options For Ensuites (Mitchell – Owner of Enlighten Electrical)

A few different thoughts on feature lighting in bathrooms.

  • Pendants or strip lights can be both feature and function, the softer light from a strip or pendant can be great for using a bathroom at night without being too bright

  • Strip lighting is best hidden under a vanity or mirror cupboard where you can’t see the strip but its light will be effective in its purpose
  • Pendant lights can be a great feature but be aware of the shadows and light they will throw as it can de beneficial or detrimental to the use of your mirror
  • Planning your lighting before starting gives you the option to add extra switches giving you the maximum control to set the atmosphere you would like with your lighting

Jack’s Tiling Tip (Head Tiler OTB Bathrooms)

Grout, yes grout the part of bathrooms most people hate but no one hates it more than the person who has to install it aka me. I bring this up as yes it can be annoying but when you nail the right colour it makes such a difference. When you have a feature tile whether that be a simple subway style or like this bathrooms scale mosaic the key is working out what grout will bring the most out of the feature. Often the tip we use for white features is a subtle grey to shower off those curves with white grout if a white tile blending with the rest. PS be kind to anyone who grouts.

Frequently Ask Questions (In Relation To This Space)

What is better a double or single sink?

My take on this is I am a bigger fan of bench space and a bigger sink than having a double, I just don’t believe in paying a fair bit extra and a little bit more cleaning for something I probably won’t use. If though the space is large and won’t hurt by having it then definitely do it, what also factors into this is your mirror set up with the wall to wall like this Maylands bathroom being perfect for a single sink set up. If you want a double though have a double.

Any downside to frameless shower screens?

Cost… but besides that, a frameless shower screen that has a pivot door or door with hinges are often amazing in both strength and as visual, the downside besides the cost can be the slight amount of water dribble you may get but besides that. They are fantastic the key though is to try and go custom made when you can to eliminate issues.

I want a niche but the shower is not an external wall is that a problem?

We all love a shower niche, they get you away from needing those old rusty shelves but you do need to have a double brick wall to do them on. What we suggest is what we call the half-wall which is a decent height wall allowing you to place items on them either to the front or to the side depending on the depth of your alcove the trick to this is the height you put the mixer or outlet.

Shop The Look

Below are all the wonderful companies that help build this space. Just click the highlighted and underscored heading below for the links.

k-Eszter Design

Klara is an interior designer who works with OTB bathrooms as an option during your quoting stage. She is extremely experienced and specialises in bathrooms with taste that will also not date.

Lifestyle Cabinets

Lifestyle cabinets are our exclusive all cabinetry team that provide awesome service and a top finish. Vanity Details provided for this bathroom details below.

Cabinet Finish – Laminex Impressions Sublime Teak Chalk

Benchtop Finish – Essa Stone Ash Concrete Matt

Kantili Tiles

Sandra and her wonderful team at Kantili tiles provide such good quality tiles and a friendly experience when you visit their Osbourne park showroom.

Wall Tiles – Matte White Rectified 300 x 600

Feature Tiles – Satin White Fish Scale Tile

Floor Tiles – Terra Scuro Natural 300 x 600

Glass Masters

This fully frameless shower screen with matte black hinges and the subtle handle was provided by our glazier Viet and his team of measure twice cut once installers. Also included is the frameless pencil edge mirror.

Enlighten Electrical

Looking for an electrician? Look no further than Enlighten Electrical. Mitch and his great crew of sparkys are happy to help with expert knowledge on all things electrical.


Modern lighting is not always easy to find but the duo at Lightingales in Jandakot are providing such new and inspiring light fittings that will really set off your space like the beautiful Bondi Pendant light in this bathroom.

ABI Tapware

No words need to be said about the quality of tapware you will find at ABI there Matte black range that was provided for this renovation is so on point.

Nood CO. 

Nood concrete sinks are a little bit of luxury that if you can afford really bring a pop to your bathroom like this Pastel Peach/Blush Pink Basin.


We all know Caroma, but their toilets are often the highest quality you can get. You can mix and match the button to suit your black or white tapware. The Urban Cleanflush is the toilet used for this space.

This renovation involved 12 different tradespeople and 10 different suppliers which goes to show you how much work can go into bathroom renovation regardless of how big it is and goes to show how important it can be to get experience professionals in when possible. Happy renovating and hope we have inspired you in any way on your journey.

It’s important to note that all our advice is general in nature and all bathrooms are unique so always speak to your local qualified tradesman for the best advice.

At on the ball bathrooms we love feedback so let us know what you think with a comment below or if you are looking for a bathroom renovation quote and live in Perth, Western Australia contact us on 0419964678 or email us at

This article was written by James Mcloughlin, one of the founders of On the Ball Bathrooms with over 15 years of bathroom renovation experience combined with knowledge of over a 2000+ completed renovation projects with contributions by Klara Chetty and Mitchell Hamilton.