Shower Location – Bath Against Shower
September 14, 2017

Most windows are waterproofed from the harsh weathers of the outside so the humble shower won’t destroy it overnight. It’s important to note some windows especially wood maybe need to be waterproofed on the inside but for the purpose of this advice, we will assume yours is one of the many that is. Bathroom renovations can come down to space and one way to archive it is by combing two things into one the shower and the bath. You can see from the bathroom renovations in Willetton, Leeming and Camillo below they all use the shower bath to gain space.

The biggest reason this design occurs is the owner would like to have a large vanity but wants to retain a bath. Without making the room feel cramped the shower bath against the window is the best design for this requirement. As in most Perth bathrooms like this, you will get at least a 1200mm vanity a big upgrade from the 750mm or 900mm cramped one. With all these window options avoiding a wooden window is key and also the option of changing the window is there depending on the style you want. Small bathroom renovations in Perth are the crucial reason why the shower bath is effective. When determining layout decide what you want not what someone may or may not want in the future

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