Victoria Park Bathroom Renovation – Profile (Wet Room Bathrooms)
September 26, 2021

The renovation process can be stressful, often when you start out this journey you are not always sure where to begin or what to do. Over the next few months, we will be doing bathroom profiles to help with a few insights on the process and what can come up during the renovation itself while introducing you to our team and wonderful suppliers to help on your own renovation journey and hopefully make the process a little easier.


  • BEFORE and AFTER BATHROOM (Includes Measurements)
  • FINAL LAYOUT and Purpose Of The Renovation
  • Frequently Ask Questions (In Relation To This Space)
  • Shop The Look

Before and After Bathroom

Below we have a Victoria Park bathroom that has all the hallmarks of the era for this type of bathroom. You have the mirror box window which almost always has an extension built behind it. You have the cast iron baths that take about 6 people to lift and tiles 200mm or less. This bathroom looks like it was renovated partly over the years. Room Size 2.7m Wide x 2m Deep (Window Wall)


What we did as you can see above was create a wet room set up. The purpose of the wet room really is to make a larger user experience for the renovator.  We will answer this further in FAQ’s below.

Frequently Ask Questions (In Relation To This Space)

Below are two frequently asked questions about wet room setups like above.

How about those sections around the bath won’t they get wet in a wet room?

A very valid question and one that always gets asked. So the obvious answer is yes they will, but how much water actually gets to this section really comes down to so many factors. Wet rooms are difficult bathrooms to create as you have to understand what you are doing and have done enough of them to know the mistakes you will have doing them. What I will say is that you have different types of back to wall baths that can fill those spaces, you will also get minor water if done correctly if at all and you have to comfortable with that to have a wet room set up.

Why do people do wet rooms?

I have done over 200 wet room renovations and I will tell you the real purpose of wet rooms is both a practical feeling of a bigger bathroom and a visual sense of a bigger bathroom. The biggest con of a wet room will be that water does splash in the wet area which can be annoying. The biggest pros though is they allow you to have a big bath and most importantly a big shower all in the same place you are already using right now just with a few little tweaks.

Shop The Look

Now comes the fun part if you are chasing any part of this bathroom renovation check out some of our wonderful suppliers below if you mentioned On the Ball Bathrooms sent you I am sure they would love to help you :). All you need to do is click the header or the image for a link straight to the product if available online.


Floor Tiles – BELROSE BLUE ENCAUSTIC LOOK TILE 300mm x 300mm 

Wall Tiles – White Gloss 403 x 201 Cushion Edge Tiles

Bathroom Items




Drains – Slimline Tile Insert 21

Window – Awning Window – White Trim 

Suppliers for this bathroom are

  • Bathroom City
  • Highgrove Bathrooms
  • Crosby Tile,
  • Tile Cloud
  • Lauxes Grates
  • Nuspec Windows

It’s important to note that all our advice is general in nature and all bathrooms are unique so always speak to your local qualified tradesman for the best advice.

At on the ball bathrooms we love feedback so let us know what you think with a comment below or if you are looking for a bathroom renovation quote and live in Perth, Western Australia contact us on 0419964678 or email us at

This article was written by James Mcloughlin, one of the founders of On the Ball Bathrooms with over 15 years of bathroom renovation experience combined with knowledge of over a 2000+ completed renovation projects.